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A group dedicated to writing and discussing the issues without the partison background noise.

About, Bylaws, Other Information

1) Membership is only granted to applicants who have published Comments, Articles, or Seeds in order to weed out Join request from Spammers. You can post comments in any article in the Public Discussion portion of any article at the bottom of that page, or in any Open Nation.

2) The CoH is strictly enforced in this Nation. That being said, as an Admin, we are not always aware of violations when they occur so we encourage Members and Visitors alike to report them to Newsvine by using the Help button at the top of the page and selecting "Report malicious User" as the subject.

3) Examples of forbidden actions include Personal Attacks like "You are stupid", "(Insert Party name) are stupid", or name-calling like "Libtards", "Rethuglikans","Teabaggers", or "Democrits".

4) Violations of the CoH will result in a warning first, possible deletion of comments or content, temporary or permanent Blocking, or Removal from the Nation. If any of these happen you may appeal to the Admin that enacted it for re-instatement through the "Contact Author" link on their columns Bio page. Simply click on their Avatar to get there. Repeated violations of the CoH will result in removal from the Nation and reporting to the Newsvine Moderators for further action.